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Difficulties in completing the assignment Ideally, the assignment should be completed by the supervisor. However, as practice shows, it is you who will have to do this, and the manager will only check and, if necessary, correct it.

This is not connected with laziness or irresponsibility of the curators at all, but with the fact that by the time of the assignment you have already decided on the topic, sketched a work plan and can navigate in the literature that you will use while writing the diploma. Based on this, we can say that the example of the initial data for the thesis work is the list of the main sources on which you rely while writing a diploma.

What should the source data look like? In fact, it all depends on your specialty, topic and type of thesis. It is for this reason that this part of the assignment causes great difficulties for students, because even the curator cannot help you in this matter for the simple reason that he, in fact, does not know exactly which sources you are going to use. Based on our experience, we can say that the example of the initial data for the thesis work should look like this: The initial data should contain on average 3-5 sources. We draw your attention to the fact that if you specify five sources, then 2 of them should preferably be foreign, and 3 – domestic.

Sources need to be specified along with their complete data, and, of course, sources should be relevant to the topic of your thesis. If the base is an enterprise, then you must specify its full name, without abbreviations and abbreviations. As a literature it is necessary to use scientific works, technical documentation, but not educational literature, even if it is a reference book. What if there is no source data? Sometimes the situation is such that you have chosen a rather exotic and little-studied topic, and there is simply no source data.

 In such cases, quite often you can find advice just to copy the data from any other source: someone else’s work or the Internet. However, you should not follow such recommendations, because in order to indicate with certainty a particular source, it must be studied. Otherwise, the risk of a great mistake, which would entail not the most pleasant consequences. So even if you independently found an example of initial data for a thesis, do not rush to use it. Sometimes the situation develops in the opposite way, and there is so much data that it is simply impossible to single out the main ones and relate them to the original ones.