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What materials are put in the appendix to the thesis work Sample reasoning when deciding whether to put specific material in the appendix: To determine whether this custom for disclosing the topic of the diploma.

If not, it does not need to be included in any form. So, during an internship at an enterprise, a student may be given a pack of documents with instructions to deal independently. Example 2 If the topic of the diploma is related to fixed assets, the documentation accompanying the supply of raw materials and the shipment of finished products must be ruthlessly rejected.

The application may include background information, but not those that have nothing to do with work. Estimate the amount of material and its suitability for processing. If the table is less than 2/3 of a sheet, or small statements can be made from a text document, there is no need to organize the application. Large tables, charts and non-recyclable material (drawn up in accordance with statutory forms, such as financial statements) will be correctly placed in the form of an application in the diploma.

Thus, two questions need to be addressed: whether to include material in a diploma in general, and if it is included in the main text or in an annex. Registration of applications in the diploma Examples of applications from foreign diplomas do not allow to understand what requirements are placed on this section. Let us list the requirements for the design of applications according to GOST: Regarding whether the application pages are numbered in the diploma, the GOST gives a definite answer: “The numbering of the pages of the document and the applications that make up this document should be pass-through.” If the list of used sources ends on page 67, then the first application begins on page 68.

The page numbers are signed in the same place as in the main text (most often – at the bottom in the center, at the bottom right or at the top in the center). All applications should be reflected in the table of contents (content).

Requires you to link to each application in the diploma. If the applications are really text related, this will not be a problem. A reference to the application can be formulated in the text of the diploma in a free form: “Liquidity analysis was made according to the accounting data for 2016 (Appendix A)”. Each application is printed from a new page. Upstairs is the key word “Application” and its unique designation. Further, the status of theapplicationmay be indicated (“mandatory”, “recommended”, “reference”), but diplomas usually do without it. Below is a meaningful title.