Why college education is important

Why do I need applications in the diploma? In 2019, almost all texts of diplomas are printed, “handwork” is found only in certain creative professions (for example, graduates of art schools can apply sketches and sketches made by hand on sheets of different formats to the diploma). The question arises: why arrange applications in the diploma, if you can print everything on A4 sheets (drawings printed on large formats, fold several times) and include them in the main text?

The main reasons for adding applications in the thesis work: The scope of the thesis is regulated – for example, it can be 50-70 sheets for bachelor degree, 60-80 sheets for specialty and 70-90 sheets for magistracy. Specific figures are determined by the specialty and requirements of the university, but in some cases there is a certain upper limit. Example 1 The materials used in writing a work can be 20, and 40, and 50 sheets: for example, in the work on economic analysis, a mandatory application will be financial statements for several years, possibly – the Charter of the organization, primary documents, balance sheets.

 In philological diplomas devoted to the analysis of the text, it may be necessary to attach fragments of texts. Law diplomas may include contracts, instructions and other documents. In diplomas in programming – program codes and flowcharts of algorithms. If all these materials are placed in the main text, there will simply be no space left for the text – a theoretical study, the comprehension of materials and the development of recommendations. Applications in the calculation of the volume is not taken into account. Material from the application can be used in several places of thesis. Accounting reports are the basis of the entire economic analysis – in some diplomas, the entire second chapter is devoted to it.

When reading a text, it is much easier to refer to the application (always at the end of the text), if necessary, than to search for materials in the middle of the work. Applications give more freedom in the design of graphic and tabular material. What materials are put in the appendix to the thesis work Sample reasoning when deciding whether to put specific material in the appendix: To determine whether this material is important for disclosing the topic of the diploma. If not, it does not need to be included in any form. So, during an internship at an enterprise, a student may be given a pack of documents with instructions to deal independently.