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In the process of essay proofreader, you have to formulate a lot of points. This is especially true of the introduction. Here you build the backbone of the work. You must clearly write the relevance of the work, its goals, objectives, research methods, etc. Such points include scientific novelty. This is similar to relevance, but concerns only the scientific aspect. Thousands of diplomas are defended each year. Naturally, the point is to write about something new. Roughly speaking, this is the highlight of your work. If you do not even know what it is, try to explain. What is scientific novelty? A diploma is the result of your training.

You must invest in it all that you have learned, all the knowledge and skills that you have acquired. Here you have to use imagination and interest in the subject. Creative thinking will help. You should be well aware that the hackneyed topics and the hackneyed questions are boring commissions, so if you come up with a good novelty, it will be 50% success. Novelty stands out in diplomas of any specialty, both technical branches of science and humanitarian. This may be a special method of research, which will give new results, new knowledge that you obtained during the study, an unusual approach to the disclosure of a topic, etc.

You must not only come up with a feature of your work, but also justify it. These should be logical arguments in defense of your scientific novelty. What could be the novelty? More specifically, the novelty can be distinguished from the following points: Subject. You take a completely new subject of research, which no one used to study before. It can be any innovation. Purpose. If you want to get some new results that no one has achieved before you.

Method. If in this area this method is not used. Material. No one used this source or theory in research, no one turned to publications, etc. Result. You took a hypothesis and achieved what previously nobody could. How to prove it? You must prove that your novelty is really new. This can be done as follows: You take verified facts from verified sources, which prove that there was no such thing before in science. Analyze the literature and choose the facts in support of their novelty. Provide evidence that previously this information (methods, etc.) has not been used and has not been studied. In the practical part, you prove that you got new results. Prove that these results are important. An example of the formulation of novelty … is to study the nature of the relationship between the motivation to achieve and success of work by the example of specific subjects of work – the managers of a modern commercial trade organization.

Errors in novelty: The description is formulated blurry. No differences are highlighted. Not relevant to the research topic. They are of practical nature. Scientific novelty is perhaps the most difficult thing to come up with in the introduction to the thesis work. An example of the scientific novelty of a thesis can help to formulate it, but each must be unique. If you have difficulty with the formulation of the novelty of the work or other parts of it, you can contact our qualified specialists for help. They prepared a lot of unique works. We approach each diploma in a creative and individual way!